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Modbury Hospital Earthquake Assessment
The Modbury hospital in Adelaide SA is an existing RC slab multi-storey construction with external precast concrete infill wall elements.

SA health required a structural assessment to determine the suitability of the existing building for post disaster following an earthquake event.  This assessment was to help develop the future planning requirements for the hospital. The existing building was constructed using cross wall construction with stabilizing shear cores for lateral stability.  The floors were hybrid steel concrete floors at the lower level with solid RC floors at the top level.  The external cladding consisted of Precast Concrete Infill panels and masonry construction.


The whole building was visually assessed to determine any degree of structural weakness such as cracking or otherwise.  The building consisted of many building sub frames which interact during any earthquake event.  It was Dr Mills objective to determine the suitability of the existing structure for post – disaster earthquake event loadings.


The building was modelled in ETAB to access the structural performance of the existing building.  The model contained all the necessary structural information such as dead loading, imposed loading, structural reinforcement levels and integrated steel frame, setting out of columns. The structural drift of the building was assessed along with the structural capacity to resist the applied earthquake loading.

The connection robustness of the precast concrete infill walling and masonry was assessed using tradition analysis and calculation method as these discrete elements could not be effectively modelled.


An extensive report was then compiled outlining the observations and results of the investigation. SA Health were advised of the hospital expected earthquake status. The results are confidential and cannot be reported on this page.  NRM Consultants are happy to discuss this investigation further if this type of work is required.

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