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NRM Consultants are your reliable structural engineers Rockingham who deliver a wide range of structural services including site structural services, structural design and feasibility studies around structural engineering.

The team at NRM Consultants have the competence to undertake and deliver on any type of project, providing you a service that is personable, professional, and in a flexible way that aids your requirements against the buildability of the project.

We provide site structural engineering Rockingham services ranging from on-site inspections, pre – pour inspections, feasibility assessment and pre-work condition assessments.

Having amassed a considerable portfolio of projects that boasts examples of residential and commercial buildings, new custom homes and remodels, and seismic anchorages, we are equipped to handle any project, however large or small, we are NRM Consultants, Structural Engineers Rockingham.

Our Competitive Advantage:

Staff Strength

Although a small firm, we think big. Our team of experts at NRM Structural Consultants Rockingham works with developers, architects, contractors and building owners, to create innovative engineering solutions to your engineering problems. NRM Consultants provide excellent customer relations with everyone we work with and on each project.

Our structural engineers are well versed in the use of high tech materials such as specialised concretes, BISalloys, prestressed concrete technology, and in the use of steel, concrete, aluminium, wood, light gauge materials, masonry, and fabric structures to develop excellent projects. Our services include assisting the architects and owners to evaluate performance and also work within the specified budget besides site structural investigation Rockingham.

Proactive To Work

We make it a rule to always be proactive and identify issues before they become issues on site. From time to time, we often review the architect’s details and see how best we can modify it to work effectively with the construction buildability. NRM Consultants provide as part of their price proposal, a review of the work in hand and the potential problems associated with the scheme, aid the design process prior to any acceptance of proposal. Enabling the client to price for potential changes in the design.

We Guarantee Durability And Robustness

Under Australian Standards and the BCA, there is a requirement for building to have durability, robustness and serviceability. It is rare that a new building will require a degree of service monitoring during its early age service life. As part of our structural warranties, we will review performance issues on the construction if they arise, working in tandem with the building team to determine the reason for reduced performance. However, as per the Australian Standards, it is believed that all structures would perform adequacy for an expected 25 or 50-year design life, depending upon the use of the building / structure.

Focus On Customer Satisfaction

We pride ourselves on the additional service and value we provide to our client. We want repeat business and the best way to achieve that is by providing what you require to best of your satisfaction. We provide a service that is costed as per our proposal. We are not cost chasers, that require all variations to be itemised. We believe in delivering a project within a fair price. It is our belief that the price proposal provides a true indication of costs for that project. Obviously design changes can occur additional costs, but the price we state is the price we undertake the design works.

We Love Challenges

Challenges don’t daunt us. This is a true test of our abilities as a firm. We approach challenging projects by revisiting the first principles of engineering; dissect the problem, determine the range of possible solutions, and select only viable solutions that fit the client’s resources and specifications. We support this process by utilising leading-edge technological solutions, high level structural software as they are discovered, such as Sustainable Practices and BIM (Business Information Modelling). The BIM capability is through our subcontract -services division.

We understand that the road we plied to get to the point we are today is rife with hard work, dedication to customer satisfaction, utilising a team approach to getting jobs done and analysing the problem from various angles and perspectives.

We embody excellence, customer satisfaction, developing innovative and cost-effective solutions, and delivering comprehensive documentation.

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Foundations to the residential property are what feet and legs are to the human body. Sometimes signs of foundation problems are not immediately associated with foundation damage and may go unnoticed by the untrained eye. Most foundation issues begin with the soil under that foundation, together with local issues around the surrounding property, such as trees, failing retaining walls or ground movement.

Whilst building a new home, you should make sure that the property foundation is designed by one of the leading structural engineers in Rockingham. A certified engineer gives you the peace of mind on your design, they can analyse the hidden problems and can help prevent the occurrence of potential foundation problems. This work will often be based upon a Soil Classification Report or Soil Class Certification outlining the engineering response of the supporting soils. The structural engineer will then provide documentation to show the contractor how to build the foundations for the soil type being developed upon.

The causes of home foundation problems are,


The type of soil on which your foundation rests plays a big part in causing potential damage to the property foundation. If you are living in an area where the soil is highly expansive (i.e. clay) which means it expands when wet and shrinks when dry, foundation problems are most likely to occur due to the constant movement underneath.  For such soils, the foundations are typically stiffer than for sandy or rock soil foundations, they are more costly.  If the foundation deflects to much, then this obviously can cause issues for your property.  A concrete raft foundation may be more appropriate than the usual pad or strip foundations.   Australian Standards provide design methods for clay soil.  Clay can be a problem together with lagoonal or highly silty materials.  This have different properties and would consequently require a different foundation type to address the engineering problems.

Root System

If your home is surrounded by trees with the complicated root system, it sucks out all the moisture from the soil during the dry season.  This causes the soil to shrink and could affect home foundation.  This is a significant issue for clay soils, for the answer stated above.  But equally, they can cause volume change in the soil and can create upward pressure on any foundation resulting in distortion of foundation profile and a consequence damage to your property.

Drainage Issues

Improper plumbing and drainage – including leaks, plumbing problems, overwatering your plants, watering too close to your home foundation and not fixing your drainage system, allows excessive water to penetrate to the soil found under your home foundation.  These are amongst the first issue that a Structural Engineer will look for on underperforming foundations.  In sandy soil, the continual flow of water from downpipes can cause a mitigation of fines in the soil resulting in potential lack of support under the foundation structure.

The settlement of a property may be the result of excess water runoff around the corner of a property near a stormwater drain outlet.  Always check for this excess and uncontrolled water flow, where the water ponds are typical a prime example of where foundation problems will exist.

In addition to these, hiring the wrong contractors or not consulting a structural engineer will eventually result in foundation problems.

The report from the NRM Consultants, structural consultants in Rockingham is based on a visual inspection of the property. Since the invasive procedures are expensive, they are implemented at a cost only if further investigation is necessary and upon recommendation from the structural engineer. NRM Consultants have sufficient experience and competence to assess a structure considering its current age and condition. A general structural engineer’s report on these areas,

  • Identify any structural issues, such as corrosion, foundation problems, settlement, excessive cracking, member failure, age related issues
  • Identify un-level areas on the foundation, particularly underperforming foundations and settlement;
  • Suggest drainage correction needed to the structure particularly if foundation settlement is occurring. Whilst improving the drainage may prevent further ground loss, it may not eliminate the foundation settlement and further improvements identified in the report may be warranted;
  • We consider a stage response to remediations, setting a priority and remediation require to achieve Australian Standards. The priority and staged approach means that not all defects are required to be remediated immediately.  By undertaking a staged approach in the remediation then budgets for any construction cost can be handled more readily over years rather than months;
  • The Structural Engineer will provide appropriate level engineering documentation to aid in the remediation of the property.  The engineer will also provide additional technical responses to the technical and construction team to ensure compliance of the structure to BCA and Australian Standards.

This is covered by many facets of design.  If the property is old and is falling under a degree of decay and dilapidation, then a structural engineer report will provide a useful tool for remediation staging and detailing.  The report will highlight the condition of the property under investigation highlight the salient structural points.  The engineer will provide an indication of whether remediation or demolition is appropriate. The Structural Engineer can provide preliminary proposals and feasibility layouts for the property providing the client with a structural plan moving forward.

Site structural investigation can be performed before the commencement of the design of a construction project. This includes the investigation of the physical characteristics of the site and includes documentary studies, site surveys and ground investigation. The investigation report includes the site history and environment, interpretation and analyses of all available data, and recommends favourable/unfavourable locations, economic and safe design, and more.

Our structural engineers at NRM CONSULTANTS PTY LTD have extensive experience in some high profile projects from both Australia and United Kingdom.  We help our clients solve engineering challenges develop holistic designs and economic design for a variety of structural application such as residential, commercial, industrial, steel, machinery tilt-up construction & asset management.