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NRM consultants are the best when it comes to structural consultants Kwinana. If you are planning to purchase/build a new home or commercial property, you can consult with us. We have a team of experts at structural engineers Kwinana. Our team will assist you in better assessing the new build undertaking a feasibility study before you purchase/build it. This feasibility study or preassessment will provide confidence in your design approach, providing certainty in design and certainty in the cost and the development.

NRM Consultants can carry out site structural investigation Kwinana. We will provide the competence and equipment to undertake any site investigation. This could be the use of drone technology, corrosion monitoring equipment or basis Perth Peno testing equipment. This site assessment/investigation will assist the engineering team in providing the appropriate information and parameters into the design process enabling a more efficient design and a design that is consistent with site observation. A design based upon site observation, provide more certainty in the design process, and even though it can highlight difficult site conditions on one hand, it also provides a guarantee of parameters, so the chance of over design or design assumptions are reduced. We will provide you with a comprehensive and detailed report so that you can make an appropriate informed decision.

Buy With Confidence

It is understandable that you want to purchase a new home or commercial space quickly. It is always a good thing to carry out structural testing and observations to see how robust the building structure is before you invest your capital in to the property. We provide site investigation to site structural engineering Kwinana, utilizing competence people and the appropriate equipment.

This study will help you understand the robustness and structural integrity of the building. Perhaps providing an indication of pertinent structural issues and more assurance on the potential life span of the structure or long term/short term maintenance issues. It will aid in the understanding of how the building can be modified, to provide you with your dream extension or potential upper floor level addition, or even new patio or swimming pool. We will also suggest the repairs that you need to do to carry to ensure that the building lasts for a more extended period. This site investigation provides an opportunity for the client to review structural advice, providing an informed structural opinion prior to any purchase. The cost for a structural report is nothing considering the potential for a bad investment if the property lack structural integrity or robust. A common concern amongst buyer’s is that they buy property knowing that it has an history of termite infestation. Termite infestations can render the structurally weakened, even though the infestation was historical. The client does not always appreciate the degree of damage that termites can inflict on the building and the reduced structural integrity. A structural investigation would identify these weaknesses. Buying termite damaged building, from our experience, is something that people do. On this basis a structural engineers site investigation would validate the investment decision or indicate that the decision is a risk and you become more aware of the termite modifications required. A structural engineers report can read before choosing to purchase a property, provided more certainty on this type of decision.

Our team will spend time in explaining to you the pros and cons you can experience when you buy the property. This is one reason why we get repeat business from clients, we provide a straight forward, honest, competent assessment of your structural needs. NRM Consultants, structural engineering Kwinana.

Professional Opinion At An Affordable Price

Structural problems can be hidden from view and not always obvious. For example, corrosion of concrete and reinforcement starts from inside the concrete and do not manifest itself with obvious signs of rust or cracking, at which point the problem is significant and intrusive structural repair may be required. Settlement can sometimes be seen before it occurs on site with the potential flow of water removing fines from below the foundations. These water flow signs and poor ground conditions can be observed very easily prior to any potential settlement. A competent structural engineer will generally see these problems before they happen. That is not always the case, but it can help.

Sometimes, the structure of the building will look structurally robust, but structural problems can be hidden from view, termites, corrosion, serviceability and deflection, vibration and other concerns. So the building may look strong and robust, but an experience eye can aid to provide certainty to this opinion. It is common that we assess building that are structural robust from quick inexperience eyes, however the engineer will be able to identify issues as necessary if they exist. They can even predict problems in the future bases upon their experience and understanding of structures. Getting a professional opinion is not always expensive, it provides certainty to your investment decisions and it provides an informed decision on building remediation, modification or maintenance, providing the client with an informed decision on the additional costs for the building.

If there is absolutely no problem, it is well and good. But, what if there is a problem, you will receive the necessary proof to avoid purchasing the property. Or you may choose to buy the building and do the required repair work.

The best part — unlike our peers we do not charge our clients exorbitantly, our rates are reasonable. We provide cost proposal for undertaking the works. You can consult us to get s fee structure that is satisfactory to both parties, and rest assured we do not compromise on the quality of the work. Service and quality of work are our drivers for customer satisfaction! Contact us now!


A structural engineer act as a key link between the client and the contractor during the construction process, they are independent of both stakeholders in the project. The role of a structural engineer starts before the first shovel hits the dirt. They help in preparing a well-coordinated and technical set of documents that includes coordination among the many design disciplines, such as mechanical, architectural and other specialist requirements.

Site visits and Australian Standard required Structural Observations are necessary for the success of virtually all projects. Structural engineers visit sites regularly to help provide checks and balances during construction.  This ensures that engineering documentation is adhered to during the construction process. This gives them information on the quantity and quality of constructed material and enables them to work with the inspection team and the Contractors to verify the structure is being built in conformance with the approved construction documents. Any construction issues during this process are raised with the contractor et al, advising the client along of the way as necessary to keep them informed of the current status of the project.

Some states require discipline-specific licenses to design buildings of a specific nature. This licensing requires specific knowledge in structural engineering design that a professional engineer does not possess. To achieve these licensing, engineers should take lessons on structural design, wood design, building design for wind and seismic loading conditions, and more. Being a pro in these disciplines, structural engineers can ensure that the materials being used for construction can support the design of the structure.

In WA these registration requirements are not mandatory, so please assess the competence of your Engineer.  The engineer should have at least a degree level, but other higher qualifications are desirable, but also look at the years of experience and the types of projects they have been involved with.

Make sure that they are registered with Engineers Australia.

Structural engineers or consultants should be hired for any one of the following reasons:

  • When you are building a new home or adding an extension to your existing home.
  • During the selling or buying process of your home as there would be structural distress or damage that may affect the sale. Getting an expert opinion may aid in any decision on that property. A structural report may aid the selling of the property if it provides the clarity necessary to explain the structural issue;
  • When structural damage, distress or water infiltration occurs.
  • Planning to make alterations to your home such as removing bearing walls, columns, adding heavy objects on the floors, and more.

Structural components are essential for a building for its stability and to prevent damage and issues with long term performance. No matter how small or big your building is, improperly designed or constructed structures can lead to poor performance, and usually results in expensive repairs in the future. Having a structural engineer by your side, you can do any necessary structural changes to the building without giving it a second thought. With a regular follow-up, you can rest assured that the structural portion of the project is appropriately constructed.

The consequences without a certified engineer design are significant.  Local Authority generally want to see a certified design.  The engineer will enable the building to perform for a long service life, have the necessary ultimate and serviceability provisions, be durable and long lasting.  Plus, you have the assurance that the structure has been designed to meet all regulatory and Australian Standards.

  • City of Mandurah – Various projects;
  • City of Rockingham – Various Projects;
  • Shire of Waroona – Various Projects;
  • CSBP – Kwinana;
  • Kleenheat – Kwinana;
  • Wesfarmers – Kwinana;
  • St Ives Gold Mine for Goldfields; Kalgoorlie;
  • Adelaide Royal Hospital (Courtesy of KBR);
  • Adelaide Desalination Plant (Courtesy of KBR);
  • Mining projects for both Rio Tinto and BHP; Design and Construction (Courtesy of KBR and WML Consultants);
  • Ozone building for the Melbourne Water Corporation (Courtesy of KBR);
  • Perth Children’s hospital structural engineering on both formwork certification and tunnel construction (Courtesy of WML Consultants);
  • Many Precast and Tilt-up construction Projects in both Uk and Australia, including Gatwick Hotel, Aberdeen Schools improvement programme and many Multi-storey precast concrete car parks;
  • Many local residential projects in Australia, dealing with residential construction on Class A and S sites. Providing construction details for retaining walls and certification for residential construction (Courtesy of WML Consultants);
  • Engineering Management and Superintendence duties;
  • Structural Investigations and remediation, including corrosion assessments, dilapidation surveys, structural assessment of Cracking and settlement for residential developments;