Structural Engineering Services in Mandurah

We provide structural engineering services in Mandurah to all types of clients to provide a robust and cost effective design for all your solutions.  See what we can do for you!

The team at NRM Consultants has extensive experience in a number of high profile projects from both Australia and United Kingdom.  The type of projects delivered varies in size from the large to the small.  We can bring our large project experience to your smaller and regional construction or design project.  See how we can help you achieve your design needs. Contact us now!

NRM Consultants provide the following structural services: –

  • Structural Design of buildings for large and small clients;
  • Structural design utilizing the following materials;
    • Steel; cold rolled, BISAlloy;
    • Reinforced Concrete, Precast concrete, Tilt-up Construction, Post-tensioned and pre-stressed concrete;
    • Masonry, reinforced masonry
    • Timber (Traditional)
  • The following are the types of projects we can deliver: –
    • Steelwork framing;
    • Hybrid Concrete and steel framed building;
    • Cross wall construction;
    • Precast and tilt-up construction projects, residential and commercial projects;
    • Residential and domestic projects, such as extension, new build, structural certifications; retaining walls et al;
    • Masonry construction for residential, boundary walls, retaining walls;
    • RC Concrete framing;
    • Precast construction including mold and reinforcement documentation;
    • Foundation design, including tradition pad foundation, balanced foundations, raft foundations and piled foundations;
    • Marine structures including Jetties and boardwalk developments;
    • Structural investigation and remediation;
  • Typical clients have included
    • Local government;
    • Residential clientele;
    • Industrial clientele,
    • Local builders;
    • Product suppliers;
    • Manufacturers, fabricator, and metalworkers