Site Management & Site Liaison Service in Mandurah

We provide construction management services in Mandurah to all types of clients to provide a robust and cost effective site activity for all your solutions.

The team at NRM Consultants has extensive experience in engineering management, site superintendence, and site liaison activities.

  • We can provide the engineering management to your project. Coordinate the design team to achieve your project goals;
  • We can bring in design engineers from other disciplines and deliver your project in the holistic manner you expect;
  • We can provide project costing services and estimating services;
  • We can provide structural drafting and fabrication documentation. We can provide Reinforced, pre-stressed and Precast Concrete documentation to achieve your production needs

We provide site liaison services in Mandurah, where we can provide consultation on site requirements for construction and structural engineering.  Our site liaison service includes: –

  • Structural stability checks;
  • Construction quality issues regarding structural problems such as concrete cracking and shrinkage, HD bolt setting out, tolerance issues; corrective actions for structural detailing;
  • Propping and falsework development system and other temporary propping;
  • Construction signoff for propping etc., compliance with structural documentation, compliance with Australian Standards and Statutory structural and building regulations;
  • Certification of structural compliance including for Propping, reinforcement, Steelwork, masonry, Reinforced concrete structures;
  • We can provide factory checks for production sign-off for pre-cast and tilt-up construction projects;
  • Bespoke Structural advice to accommodate your construction needs.

Discuss with NRM Consultants your Site Liaison Service requirements and see what we can do for you!

We provide site superintendence services. Our service includes: –

  • Site superintendence on small projects or sections of larger projects;
  • Provide liaison between principle and contractor to deliver the project on time;

Discuss with NRM Consultants about your site superintendence requirements and see what we can do for you! Contact us now!