Site Investigations & Site Services in Mandurah

Structural Investigation Services

We provide on-site support services and site investigation services in Mandurah to aid your construction project. We work with your timeframe to achieve your deadlines. See what we can do for you!

NRM Consultants offer a number of on-site services. Please call us today to discuss what we can do for you.

Typical on-site services include: –

  • Compaction testing for soil classification on residential sites,
  • Certification and sign-off of propping systems, including Falsework, Formwork, and other scaffold type systems. We can develop propping systems to provide temporary support for your construction projects;
  • Reinforcement signoff and inspection;
  • Engineering management site activities such as reviewing construction for engineering compliance in accordance with structural documentation;
  • Preliminary corrosion investigations;
  • Structural investigation on site, including, cracking and deflection of any construction material. Settlement of residential and commercial projects;
  • Dilapidation Survey. Undertake a structural dilapidation survey before you start major works that may cause structural or aesthetic damage to adjoining property;
  • Project Superintendence. We can provide Superintendence service to aid the client and contracts team meet their obligations under contract documentation;
  • We work with your timeframe to achieve your deadlines.

Please contact us to discuss your site investigation or site service’s needs.

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