Perth Children’s Hospital Tunnel Link and Formwork Certification

Site Supervision & Investigation, Structural Design, Technical Services

As a leading paediatric hospital, it will provide the specialty medical treatment required for the most serious medical cases, as well as secondary services including inpatient and outpatient care and day stay care.

All efforts are being made to open the hospital as soon as it is safe to do so, however the final date will depend on when the building can be handed over to WA Health.

Dr Nicholas Mills was engaged on the project to provide certification to the Reinforced Concrete slab falsework support. Dr Mills was also engaged on the project to provide connection link between the existing K block on the ST Margret’s Hospital and the new children’s hospital block G.


Falsework Certification – Dr Nicholas Mills through WML Consultants was engaged to undertake certification of the falsework and formwork systems adopted by WCF Pty Ltd on the site.  A review of the support and the compliance of the formwork system to certificated documentation was assessed during the visit.  A service was provided that worked to the programme of the formwork contractor, which often involved being on site very early in the mornings and providing feedback on the constrion adequacy of the installation.

Connection Tunnel between Block K and Block G on Childrens Hospital – Dr Mills through WML Consultants provided design documentation for the construction of a precast tunnel link between the new block and the existing hospital block.  This design involved producing mould and reinforcement documentation for the precast supplier, together with design documentation for review by the John Holland design team.  The tunnel was to accommodate loading from a future light rail link system.  The tunnel sections and base slab were designed to the approapriate geotechnical requirements taken on the site.


Falsework Certification – Dr Mills provided signed certification of the inspected falsework and formwork systems for the constructed blocks prior to installation of concrete pours.  The health and safety of the construction workers was paramount at all times during the installation.

Connection Tunnel between Block K and Block G on Children’s Hospital – Solution was adopted to provide discrete precast concrete elements interconnected with strand to provide a tension capacity on the tunnel and to maintain reduced crack opening between concrete units.  The solution was design to accommodate existing main water drain systems and bespoke connection to the existing building.


The documentation was validated by an engineer at KBR Melbourne, with the project now fully constructed and in operation for Melbourne Water.  The design was for 100-year life span.