Multi-Plate Arches For Rio Tinto And BHP

Design & Services, Structural Investigation
Dr Mills has undertaken a large number of arch designs and certification for major mine clients and Multi-plate suppliers. The arched plate designs have included designs for Helical Spun Pipe and multi-plate arches.

The designs have included the provision for arch foundations. The designs have included for a multitude of loading conditions as prescribed by AS 2041. Typical vehicle loading included for HLP platforms for the transportation of mining vehicles, the provision for railway loadings, for Mine vehicles, for conveyor loadings and surcharge loadings.


Dr Mills has been given many variations in the design and certification of Multi-plate arches and helical spun pipes. The challenges included for reduce ground cover to crown of arch, the modification of existing arches to accommodate new loadings, the certification of new arches for a multitude of mining vehicles and to criteria laid down by the client.


The solution entails undertaking an assessment on each arch based upon the design parameters provided. The design of arches is standardized under the Australian code; however, the provision of differing load cases and local scenarios means that the assessment must be rigorous otherwise errors can occur. Our solutions identified several errors in the existing codes and discrepancies in the methodology of existing assessments.


We have provided the client with appropriate sign-off where possible and additional technical advice where necessary to provide a robust and safe design.