Melbourne Water Corporation Ozone Building

Site Supervision & Investigation, Structural Design, Technical Services
Construction is complete on a major upgrade of the Eastern Treatment Plant. The plant has been transformed into one of the most sophisticated large scale sewage treatment facilities in the world.

The upgrade involved building seven new structures over approximately six hectares of land within the existing Eastern Treatment Plant boundary. The new components include a tertiary supply pump station, ozone injection and ozone production buildings, biological media filters, UV system and two large chlorine contact basins.

The main benefits of the upgrade were:

  • reduced impact on marine environment at Boags Rocks, where treated water is discharged;
  • more options to use treated water for non-drinking purposes (recycled water)
  • improved recycled water quality (Class A);

Specific improvements to water discharged into the marine environment will include;

  • eliminating litter;
  • reducing solids, oil and grease;
  • improved disinfection;
  • reducing colour, odour, foam and ammonia;
  • reducing the volume of water discharged to the marine environment.


Dr Nicholas Mills was engaged by KBR in Melbourne to develop documentation for the Ozone building.  The building had to be design to client specification and requirement to achieve corrosion and service life performance.  The work included the development of structural design and documentation for vibration equipment and crane loading.  Building deflections were limited to achieve continued crane performance.  The building encompassed double span portal frame structure with infill concrete precast concrete walls, girder and rail beams and structures, vibration pads and supports for large damping equipment and foundation and geotechnical assessment.


The structural framing was developed utilizing Microstrain and other Bentley systems.  The necessary design information was coordinated with the project engineer stationed at the construction site to develop the necessary loading patterns etc. on the frame.  Site visits were required to assess the suitability of the foundation construction due to construction issues on site.


The documentation was validated by an engineer at KBR Melbourne, with the project now fully constructed and in operation for Melbourne Water.  The design was for 100-year life span.