Austral Terrace Katanning

Structural Design
The Tilt-up project at Austral Terrace Katanning was engineered at WML Consultants by Dr Nicholas Mills.

The construction is traditional tilt-up supported on a stiffened raft foundation. The roof framing is typical support steel picking up purlins and transferring to precast panels and steel columns.


The ground conditions on the site were a challenge and required the provision for a structural raft foundation. A sand pad provision was also added based upon geotechnical assessment. Many similar tilt-up projects have been undertaken based upon the tilt-up precast requirements for safety and fire provision.


The solution was a traditional tilt-up type construction with the roof supported off internal columns and the outer precast concrete walls. A traditional awning was added to the construction. Appropriate fire provision as added in accordance with the BCA requirements. The chosen method was to construct the ground slab first then provide the precast wall to the perimeter propped as per national code of practice requirements.


The result was a project that was delivered to the client requirements accommodating the local conditions and meeting all BCA compliance requirements for fire and stability during construction.