Importance of Soil Investigation in Building Projects

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Soil is the most important yet most neglected component in a construction project. Every structure of roads, bridges, buildings, even life itself is based on the soil. The soil is the natural foundation that supports all investments and structures. Soil investigation is done to make sure that the substructure is safe and durable which is eventually going to hold up the entire building. For structural engineers Mandurah how big or small the project is, it is of primary importance that a proper field survey is conducted. Yes, the geotechnical investigation is an integral part of the construction process.

What Is Soil Investigation?

Soil investigation done by structural consultancy Mandurah represents the method of determining the stratigraphy and relevant physical properties of the soil underlying the site of construction. The procedure aims to establish whether the soil is solid for construction. Until the soil samples are analysed, the construction of the project should not be started. Soil investigation involves different application methods and represents an essential part of the building and site preparation process. The results of this investigation can affect the development of the construction project itself.

Why Is Soil Investigation Important?

Some people ignore the importance of soil investigation and place their design on assumed bearing capacity and rate of settlement of the soil. However, this is an important step in the construction process, it is not something to mislead thinking that if the neighbouring areas conducted a geotechnical investigation and had finished a building, so you don’t have to go through the same process again. In fact, the characteristics of soil may vary depending on location and can affect the stability of the foundation. Weather, soil management and climatic changes can also affect soil properties and as a result,your building.

The construction of every step is essential. The initial step to begin construction has such great importance because it can affect the foundation resulting in failures which will pose a serious threat to the safety of the nearby areas and the occupants. The soil if it is not appropriate for the particular type of construction it may collapse endangering lives and home.

So depending on the capacity and property of the soil, structural engineers Mandurah need to adjust the depth and type of the foundation and choose appropriate building techniques and projects. With proper structural consultants Mandurah completing your soil investigation, you will be able to anticipate any possible problems and plan for your finances accordingly.

How Is Soil Investigation Done?

The entire process of soil investigation requires different methods and steps which vary depending on the requirement and the service you choose. However, the standard techniques include inspection, test pits, probing and boring.

Inspection is the initial step that entails an examination of the site, adjacent buildings, and nearby areas. Test pits are done for collecting samples while probing provides with a deeper insight into the underlying soil. Boreholes are made for more detailed analysis which enables gathering information about the strata, soil, rock, soil properties, and underground water.