Challenges in Structural Engineering and Investigation!

civil structural engineer

Structural failures may result from construction errors man-made events, natural disasters or design errors. Often, more than one among these causes contributes to the structural failures. Windstorms can collapse an inadequately braced masonry wall during building construction. The roof traces, if not laterally braced while erecting can roll over resulting in collapse under their weight. The structural consultants Rockingham must evaluate possible circumstances and make out educated judgements for the result of the failure, the trigger mechanism initiating the failure and the cause of progressive failure events.

What Do Structural Engineers Do?

Structural innovations are capable of serving as lead investigators to diagnose the levels of damage and distress in the structures after a fire or water accident or a natural disaster. The structural engineers take an active role in determining the cause of structural failure and sustainability of the structure for continued use. They also serve as an expert witness presenting out their findings and opinions in judicial proceedings.

They investigate the site for soil classification, stability and other surveys helping their clients.

Structural Survey:

The structural Engineers Rockingham use a powerful combination of industry-standard investigation techniques and in-house expertise to provide structural surveying that includes

  • Cause of failure and presence of defects
  • Fractured components for surface features
  • Identification of fibres
  • Coating materials and corrosion indicators
  • Comparison of materials
  • Qualitative and semi-quantitative analysis of contaminants and particles
  • Defects in components

They use the state of the art method designed to examine and assess the buildings.

Windstorm And Water Damage:

Following a windstorm attack, an applicant will often check his building looking for damages. It is common for an occupant to assume that the newly discovered foundation cracks, drywall cracks, and other defects may have actually resulted from some other sources of long-term problems. Water damage to buildings also requires a proper investigation from a structural engineer to distinguish between which have occurred during the storm and which are from prior rainwater leakage.

The site structural investigation Rockingham will accurately distinguish one storm type from another by the type of the damage resulted and to a high degree of accuracy will estimate the ground wind speed that has caused the accident.

What Is The Primary Duty Of Investigating Structural Engineer In Public Safety?

It is common during structural investigations to find out conditions which constitute a hazard to building occupants. In such cases, the structural investigator notifies the owner about the risk to life if the building if it is not evacuated or is occupied before remedial construction is undertaken in order to fix the structural defects in the building.

In most of the cases, the structural Engineers Rockingham makes an on the spot decision to inform the owners that the building should not be occupied or a limited entry is advisable only for removing of any valuable assets which might be damaged during remedial construction, building collapse or rainwater intrusion. However, in the case where threats to life or a possibility for injury to occupants exist, they will give proper notice to the owner of the potential consequence of entering the building.

Peace of mind that your building is safe is what matters in the end!