NRM Consultants is a local Structural Engineering company based in Mandurah but with a wide reach. We are a company of structural experts working with clients and the local community to develop and implement practical and innovative solutions to solve local and regional engineering problems.

NRM Consultants was set up in 2017 by Dr Nicholas Mills (Structural Director), building on experience gained with national and local engineering consultants from both the United Kingdom and Australia. Dr Mills was Chief Engineer at Bison Concrete in the United Kingdom. He was also Senior Structural Engineer at Kellogg Brown and Root in Adelaide and at WML Consultants in Bunbury. Dr Nicholas Mills obtained his post-doctorate degree from the UK in 1998. Dr Mills specializes in the use of RC concrete in structures, previously undertaking work on the use of Very High Strength
Concrete in Shear. Dr Mills Has been president of the South Australian branch of the Concrete Institute Austral and recently was a member of the West Australian committee.

Dr Nicholas Mills has worked with a diverse range of clients to deliver projects on both a regional, state and national level. As a structural engineer Mandurah Dr Mills has worked on many project delivering many structural elements and undertaken many types of structural services. Dr Mills has competences in RC Concrete, Post and Pre-stressed concrete, Precast Concrete and Tilt-up construction, Piling, steelwork framing, portal frames, masonry and Timber Constructions, structural investigation, Computer Modeling, and Institutional projects and residential projects alike. Dr Mills has worked with a diverse range of clients to deliver projects on both a regional and national Level. Dr Mills has worked on the following project: –

  • Adelaide Royal Hospital (Courtesy of KBR);
  • Adelaide Desalination Plant (Courtesy of KBR);
  • Mining projects for both Rio Tinto and BHP; Design and Construction (Courtesy of KBR and WML Consultants);
  • Ozone building for the Melbourne Water Corporation (Courtesy of KBR);
  • Perth Children’s hospital structural engineering on both formwork certification and tunnel construction (Courtesy of WML Consultants);
  • Many Precast and Tiltup construction Projects in both Uk and Australia, including Gatwick Hotel, Aberdeen Schools improvement programme and many Multi-storey precast concrete car parks (Courtesy of KBR,
    Bison Concrete Products, WML Consultants and KBR);
  • Many local residential projects in Australia, dealing with residential construction on Class A and S sites. Providing construction details for retaining walls and certification for residential construction (Courtesy of
    WML Consultants);
  • Engineering Management and Superintendence duties;
  • Structural Investigations and remediation, including corrosion  ssessments, dilapidation surveys, structural assessment of Cracking and settlement for residential developments;
  • Previous clients of Dr Mills includes:-
    • CSBP;
    • Cristal;
    • Roundel;
    • SA Health;
    • Melbourne Water;
    • City of Mandurah;
    • Shire of Waroona,
    • Shire of Murray;
    • Heathrow TS;
    • Adelaide University;
    • SA Water et al;

NRM Consultants provides the following: –

  • Engineering services, such as fabrication documentation, site classification for residential works, costing estimates for construction and projects, Super-intendance services, project and engineering management services and project coordination;
    • We work with a number of suppliers to provide the engineering services you require. Discuss with us to get the holistic engineering requirement for your project;
  • Structural Design Services, documented design for commercial, residential, local government or infrastructure projects. Structural materials, Reinforced Concrete, Pre-stress concrete, Steelwork, Masonry and Timber Construction. Typical structures documented and certified include: –
    • Portal Frame Sheds and Structures;
    • Residential Construction, including single storey and multi-storey construction;
    • Marine structures including remediation and investigation;
    • Boardwalk structures;
    • Steelwork framed buildings;
    • Tilt-up construction and pre-cast construction;
    • Foundation design;
    • Retaining walls, including masonry, Concrete and other bespoke;
    • Multi-plate structures and Helical piping for Rail, mining vehicles and road traffic loadings;
  • Structural investigations Mandurah including :-
    • remediation investigation,
    • dilapidation reports,
    • residential cracking and settlement issues,
    • concrete degradation investigation,
    • multiple occupancy building structural investigations for corrosion and condition reports,
    • asset management for mining and chemical clients
NRM Consultants – Core Values
  • We are ethical engineers with the highest integrity required in the engineering offices;
  • Prioritise Health and Safety in both our own culture, designs and client response to our designs;
  • We understand the complexity of our clients’ challenges and help them to understand the challenges and understand our principles for the design.  We aim to enable our clients to learn from the engineering experience provided by NRM Consultants when and if the opportunity arises;
  • We aim to grow our business through excellence in project delivery, on time solutions, reduce wastage and provide efficient and sustainable designs;
  • We aspire to be a national leader in the field of Structural Consultancy.  
  • We aim to be a responsible citizen in this Globalised World.
NRM Consultants – Ethics and Compliance
  • NRM Consultants take pride in the how the company and its representatives conduct themselves with integrity.  We aim to have the highest standard of ethics and integrity, complying with all laws and regulations applied to Engineering Consultancy on a national level.
  • We are ethical engineers with an integrity required in the highest of engineering offices.
NRM Consultants – Healthy & Safety
  • NRM Consultants embrace safety in all operations maintaining safety procedures and behaviours wherever we go;
  • Prioritize Health and Safety in both our own culture, designs and client response to our designs;
  • NRM Consultants are committed to safety by providing the following:-
    • A safe and healthy work environment for both employees and clientele visiting our offices;
    • Provide a safe and practical design, working the appropriate parties to reduce risk on design and a safe design process;
    • Guide the client where practically possible in providing a construction that is safe for their employees, visitors and local pedestrians;
NRM Consultants – Sustainability & Environmental
  • NRM Consultants develop sustainable and low waste solutions to client challenges;
  • Our aim is to develop full sustainable solutions reducing waste, reducing the impact on the local community, developing sustainable communities and advising on life cycle compliant products to aid the client in achieving long term viable and environmentally solutions. Contact us now!